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7.62x39 MM 500+

7.62x39 MM 500+

7.62x39MM *Polished* BOXER Primed Range Brass - Large Rifle Primer - 500 count

Mixed Headstamps - Large Primer Pocket

Our 7.62x39mm reloading brass is all yellow brass and comes in mixed commercial head­ stamps, with quantities beginning at 100+. They are ideal for both commercial reloaders and those who use reloadable brass casings for recreational purposes.

Since this caliber is violently ejected out of an AK, a percentage of the rounds will have some damage or other imperfections on the casings that are caused by this process.  We do our best to sort of those with excessive damage/denting but can miss some of those on occasion.  For this reason, we typically add a signicant amount of extra casings to each order to try and offset the number of unusable pieces.

**These may take an additional 2-3 days to ship due to the complicated sorting process they go through.  For this reason we offer NEW and MIX varieties at a cheaper price, that ship much quicker.**

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