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Could not be happier... with a shortage on everything everywhere I searched and searched and found these guys..made an order and in just a few short days i had 200+ beautiful pieces of 30-06 brass great price very happy except i had ordered 308..Jeremiah didn't blink apologized and in 5 days I had my brass looks even better and he let me keep the mistake now to convince the bride I Really need a 30-06 win win and Diamond K has a new customer for life...
Norman Copeland Sep 29, 2020
This last order 500 ACP mixed resulted in a 2/3 large primer and 1/3 small. Two .44 casing and one .40. One damaged. Already polished and sized. A+. 500 >38 specials tear downs 40 with defective primers no damaged cases. One .357 in the mix Oh my. A+ 500 9MM tear down 30 miss primer. Two bad casings a couple of hollow point bonus. A+ What can I say except Excellent!!
eric bjurstrom Sep 20, 2020
just ordered some .308 LC brass. Order was shipped quickly and I ran my hand through the brass. It was super clean and some of the best brass I have seen in a while. Hats off
George Aug 28, 2020
Diamond K Brass, made my first experience into reloading ammo the best. All cases were as they stated in the add. I also had them tumbled so I could get right into reloading my brass faster. Thanks Diamond K Brass for a Hassel free purchase and Introduction into reloading.
Brad McCartney Jul 12, 2020
Purchased 200 rounds of 7.62X51 Lake City brass. I have been buying brass from this co. for years, and have always been more than satisfied.
Paul D. Jun 3, 2020
Received my order for brass this afternoon around 1330 and I am in Pa.... probably the best service I have ever had internet or otherwise.... thank you very much and you will be hearing from me in the coming weeks.... Thanks again..it took less than 5 minutes for them to confirm my order and it was at my house in less than 2 days... thats from Scottsdale Az to Pa.... can't beat that.... give them a try...
Bill Hunsinger May 18, 2020
FRANK May 14, 2020
On 4-28-2020 my son,Jeremy , ordered us 300 once fired 44 mag brass. I do not remember the exact date in arrived, but it was only 4/5 days. We had 1 44 special and 5 44 mag with small primers the rest were extremely clean and had no "junk". Very, very pleased and if needed will be a repeat customer. 5gg23
Billy wayne Goodwin May 4, 2020
I ordered 200 of the once-fired 300 BLK cases offered. When they came, about half of the cases had a circular impression from the pressure barrel that they were fired in. After sizing and polishing this mark was still quite visible. I assume this will be a weak spot in the cases. I emailed Diamond K TWICE and have yet to get a reply about whether or not they are going to replace the defective cases. NOT GOOD CUSTOMER SERVICE, GUYS.
Luther Watson Apr 25, 2020
Wow, ordered Friday afternoon; shipped Monday morning, doesn't get better than this !
Ross Apr 21, 2020
Just received my first Diamond K order. I placed the order on Thursday afternoon and the 500 7.62 LC cases were at my front door in Michigan by 9:30 AM Saturday. Are you kidding me??!! What great service !! Everything from Tammy taking my phone call to the good packing was top-notch. Plus the brass looks fabulous. Working this military brass is a little more labor-intensive than the commercial stuff, but aways well worth the effort ! So glad to have found a new source for good spent brass.
Tom Volkema Apr 21, 2020
I have placed several orders with DiamondK and each of those orders is a testimony to the quality of people working at this company Super fast order processing, super fast shipping and great customer service. I'll be back again and again.
Greg Apr 20, 2020

Once again Diamond K Brass provided excellent service. I ordered 500 NP 45 brass on Wednesday of this week , they arrived on Saturday morning. Great price, great customer service
and speedy s/h. Thank you! I will buy from you again, and encourage all the reloaders I know to buy from Diamond K Brass.

Russ in St Louis
Russell W Elwood Apr 17, 2020
Bought some AK brass during the COVID-19 shortage. Fair prices, shipped almost instantly. Back now that they have bullets in stock! It doesn't get better than DiamondKBrass!
Joe G Apr 17, 2020
This is my 2nd order from Diamond K. Obviously I was very happy with my first. This won't be the last
Joel Baker Apr 17, 2020
Recieved my first order. Impressive. OTHER places packaging was SO Bad that boxes broke, bags spilled and I couldn't tell which was which. Not here
This was packaged GREAT.
The brass was sent exactly as described.
I received emails to confirm my order.
I received emails when shipped and on it's way with tracking.
You have earned my business again. Thank you
Vance Apr 8, 2020
My first order, but won't be my last. 7.62x51 NATO brass, washed and ready for processing. Have not found one that is unusable. Fast shipping and very good contact with tracking info. The kind of supplier I look for. Very pleased.
Greg Hilger Mar 27, 2020
I just received my box of 1000 LC 5.56 unprocessed once fired brass. I thought you guys messed up and sent me brand new factory cases. Ive never seen once fired brass this nice. I had to check the base a see that there were fired primers still there. All I can say is "OUTSTANDING JOB"!!! You will definately getting more of my buisness, and ill do my best to steer some more your way...........Jim
Jim Mar 9, 2020
Just placed an order of hard to find once fired 7.62 x 39 brass. Price was very reasonable and hope to see in my delivery box soon.
Fermin Piol Feb 28, 2020
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