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thank you, DiamondKBrass. such a pleasure doing business. fully believe in small American business. worked union for 20 years, the way to destroy, alset there. will continue to support American companies, such as yours. thank you for what you do.. looking forward to more purchases. many thanks and God Bless you all. Rich B,
Richard Sep 10, 2021
Top quality brass. With the pre-tumble the brass was ready to resize and de-prime. After processing I ran them through the rotary tumbler, and they look new. Only had 6 unusable 308 Win cases out of 500. Also ended up with an odd 30-06, 223, 308 match, and 2 with Berdan pocket, so that brought my losses up to 11 out of 500
Ethan Churchill Sep 5, 2021
I had a significantly large priced order that in shipment somewhere either got stolen or lost. My first of 2 pagages was delivered to me empty. A 38 lb empty box that was cut open, re-taped with non USPS tape. I immediately called and talked to Tammy. The second box disappeared enroute. Unlike other companies, Tammy immediately began a communication chain with me, helping me track and find it with no questions asked.

Long Story short, Tammy and Doug have completely re-filled and re-sent my whole order. Not only that, she shipped packages via a more secure method paying much more than regular mail- taking the hit.

Diamond K Brass has earned a lifelong customer and friend. You dont see this type of customer service anymore and as a Patriot amd Veteran I appreciate it. Awesome job ya'll. THANK YOU. Kudos to ENTIRE DKB team.
Rob D. Aug 31, 2021
Received my order of 500+ .270 brass I have deprimed and run thru my sonic cleaner. So far I haven't found any that would keep me from reloading. Received mix bag with majority being Remington and Federal with about a hundred rounds mixed of Hornady, Winchester and Barns. also received 1 .250-06, 2 .30-06 and 1 nickel coated .270. Very happy with what I have received and will defiantly order from them again.
Joseph Block Aug 14, 2021
I looked up my testimonial from 2014. I was mentoring a young man through the 'bumps' in reloading. Despite the vast differences in age, and times, he latched on to the hobby and seems to be as addicted as I am and remain to this day. Some seven years later, one would think a seedling would fail to grow in today's political climate.... but places like Diamond K Brass make it possible. They don't get the credit they deserve. If shooting DISAPPEARS IN THIS COUNTRY, my student will never forget the good times in the woods. As an older man he will be the one rolling something around in his hand, as he looks at a sunset, or contemplates a family move. Chances are, that will be a cartridge case from 'K BRASS!'

I know..... I taught him well.
Charlie D Aug 13, 2021
I've ordered several times 223/5.56, 44 mag, 45 ACP, 38 spcl and 357mag, 308 and more and have to say I'm extremely satisfied with my orders! Fast shipping, not one bad case so far. You guys ROCK!!!
Wayne A Banta Jul 25, 2021
The usual rapid service brought my order of "1000+ S/W40 Brass some Nickle". The count was, 1028 Great Brass, 38 Nickle, 2-10mm, (I was looking at a10mm pistol) (or a little work for the case trimmer) 1-38spl, and 1-224. These cases all have the same base diameter, so mystery somewhat solved. But the shoulder of the 224 turned out to be the perfect tool for restoring the mere 9 brass 40s with minor dings to there case mouths.
Clifford GALLAGHER Jul 24, 2021
I have done business with Diamond "K" Brass before and have never been disappointed...they have great brass at even better prices and shipping is lightning fast compared to others.....I am a customer for life...........
Eric Laird Jul 19, 2021
Bought a 500 count bag of 200 gr .45 colt SWC projectiles from Diamond K and found some RN mixed in with the lot. I took a pic and emailed to the company just to inform them. I wasn't looking to give them a hard time, complain, or whine about the issue as I can still reload them but I wanted to let them know.

Doug K. (the owner) replied back immediately, apologized and asked if I wanted him to replace the odd ones. I replied with a negative-that it was not necessary; but for the owner to validate my concern was an above average response to a query.

More American businesses should learn from companies like Diamond K, as they take care of customers equally. Be it a small time reloader like me from some podunk town out west or a big ticket purchaser who might load commercially.

I am now a fan and a a loyal customer.

(My wife thanks you. ;-) hahaha)
Ray Rojas Jul 12, 2021
I previously I written a testimonial that my order of brass had a number of casings that wouldn't accept a new primer. After talking with DKB customer service rep, she resolved my problem by just replacing those pieces of brass that I could not reload. Now I will be finishing that balance of reloads toady.
Thank you DKB for backing your products. I look forward in doing business again.
RICK MAJESKI Jul 2, 2021
Diamond K Brass is an excellent site for getting brass and bullets. Couldn't find any new rifle brass but was in luck. With such competitive pricing, I can get the brass I need at the same price. Getting pistol bullets is also great. I'd rather get Berry's plated here than at Cabela's.
Benjamin Jun 12, 2021
Mr. Kiley
Thank you so much for your fast, fast, shipping on my brass order! Couldn’t believe it hit my doorstep today!
It is very refreshing to do business with an organization that really cares about quality, and customer satisfaction!
Only wish I had found you-all sooner!
Am now passing the word to my compatriots about your organization! Keep up the fine work in The great state of Arizona!
Ps. Throw this reply into your web site reviews list, if you wish!
Until next time!
Loading hard in Texas!
JhK Jun 1, 2021
I called Diamond K and left a message about their 10mm auto brass , I also left a text message inquiring about manufacter test brass . I was surprised how quickly both questions were answered . Tammy was the one who handled both questions ,she actually cared about want my concerns were and took the time to get an asnwer for me . the best compliment a company came get is to be told there customer service is great ,so here it is Diamond K Brass your customer service is outstanding Thanks John
Revolver John Apr 28, 2021
Just my findings on 250 .308 teardown. As they state these must be torn down do not take a chance!! Please!!! Out of the 250 plus rounds I received over 50 did not have the powder necessary to get bullet down the barrel.
The bullets were all top notch mostly 168g and 175g. Hunting rounds. There was a hand full of 260g bullets I'm still investigating. I'm almost don and have ordered 250 more. There is not a place in town who has powder ,primers, casings or bullets. My friends are ready hunting no problem. I can't go wrong thanks DKB you will not be disappointed!!
eric bjurstrom Apr 23, 2021
First time customer.
Recently ordered 1000 of the R.P. headstamp 9mm brass.
Good looking,clean brass.Every single one of them are in good shape,no defects at all.
Shipping was lightning fast .
Great communication.
I am a very happy customer and will definitely be back for
more goods.
I highly recommend this outfit... Top Notch.
Scott Ward
Scott Ward Apr 19, 2021
Have made several purchases with Diamond K, am very pleased and will refer my friends. Thanks!
David Lunsford Apr 12, 2021
Diamond K Brass is the ONLY company I order from. Their selection is top notch, they have everything I need, their prices are always competitive, shipping is fast, and they take care of their customers.


Keep up the great work!!!
Michael MacKay Apr 8, 2021
I just wanted to drop a line to thank the folks at Diamond K Brass for outstanding products they sell. I have received brass from you folks a couple of times now and I’ve been extremely pleased with how fast, how well packaged, and the condition of the brass I’ve received from you all. You definitely care about your customers! Kudos to Justin who packaged my last order of polished Lake City 7.62x.51, you did a great job! Thank you!
Pete Mar 28, 2021
ordered1000 9mmbrass came polish and deprimed was amazed at the quality it really looked like new brass. There service 100 percent great people to do business with.
richard Mar 24, 2021
With all the crazyness in the country this past year when I stumbled across your site, i thought that this couldn't be real.. I ordered 500 pieces of .380 ACP brass and held my breath. 6 days after I ordered (on a weekend no less) I received my order. I have now bought a second order of 9mm and feel confident that this new shipment will be just as good. Thanks
Robert Walker Mar 18, 2021
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