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I have ordered several times and found that they are a very customer oriented business with great service and super fast shipping... Diamond K Brass has always exceeded my expectations on my orders and I've always gotten more than I was expecting. If I've had a problem, I contacted them and they made it right with no questions asked. I will continue to use Diamond K Brass for all my brass and I'll keep telling all my reloading buddies what an asset they are and their exceptional service and products.... Keep up the good work!
Cole Perkins Aug 21, 2019
I ordered 50 nickel plated 308 win commercial hs. Shipped quickly and the price was great. Enjoyed everything enough that I just ordered 500 yellow brass 308 win comm hs.
Ron Whitehead Apr 15, 2019
These guys are the best! They get my orders processed and to me fast and of all the brass i have purchased from them i have yet to receive one piece that was not usable. For top quality reloading brass, Diamond K is the place to shop.....
Joel M Mar 30, 2019
I would like to take the time to say just how fantastic much Diamond K Brass is to the reloading community. I began reloading in 2005 and began my search for a company to which I could build a relationship with for all my reloading needs and fortunately I found Diamond K Brass on the web and have not purchased any components for any other company since. First and foremost they have figured out what a successful business model begins with, "Outstanding Customer Service"!! I have been of the belief that I am willing to pay more for a product and/or service as long as it comes with outstanding customer service and with Diamond K Brass you get the luxury of not only outstanding customer service but the best prices I have been able to find. When I began reloading I had some questions so I called them and one of their managers spoke with me to answer all my questions and 1.5 hours later he was still willing to thoroughly discuss and answer my plethora of questions. I have never forgot that. Everyone in my sphere of life that reloads I recommend they check out Diamond K Brass and they too, not to my surprise, are equally impressed & happy with the company. Therefore, I would recommend to anyone who reads this to check them out and give them a try and you too will never purchase reloading components from anyone else. If I could say one thing to Diamond K Brass, please never change your business model as it serves you well and thereby, all the customers you serve.
Tim Scott Mar 19, 2019
I recently ordered once fired brass and wanted to give you guys a review. I have ordered from elsewhere in the past and been burned by berdan primed brass that broke my decapped and severely malformed case mouths, amounting to about 10% of the order. When I got this order in, I automatically sat down with a flashlight and checked the entire order of 400 for berdan. I found exactly one (1) in the entire batch. The brass was polished and not a single one looks too damaged to use. I'm extremely pleased with my order and look forward to doing business here in the future.
Christopher Riddle Mar 14, 2019
Just received RP once fired brass from DKB. Brass was in great condition and quite clean. This is my third purchase and have to say DKB is the best for once fired cases and super fast shipping. Looks like I'm going to have to buy more!!
Thomas Torelli Mar 1, 2019
Very satisfied with my first order. After spending countless trips to the range (and many backbreaking hours) just to collect brass for my hobby, finally the end of all that. You have the best prices out there, I’ve researched greatly and there is no comparison. Thank you D.K. for allowing me to spend more time enjoying reloading/target shooting!
Mark O. Feb 24, 2019
Have ordered twice for 5.7x28, 1st. was for 1k and 2nd for 2k. Brass was all same headstamp with no rocks,bullet fragments, or other trash. Staff knows their stuff, and includes extras for any culls. Will be ordering again for sure.
Josh & Dennis Allen Feb 3, 2019
I reload 9mm, 45acp, 45LC, and 223 and I use mostly range brass. Just bought a S&W Shield 380 EZ and started reloading for it. I haven’t had much luck finding 380’s at my range so I started looking to buy online. I receive several recommendation on Diamond K and the online reviews were good so I ordered a 1,000 rounds.

Received them less than 5 days after being notified of shipping. Based on weight my shipment contained 1,200+ casings. After de-priming, sizing, sonic cleaning, and inspecting I had less than 25 casing which were damaged between use.

Based on price and quality I will definite continue doing business with Diamond K.
Steve White Jan 15, 2019
Got my sixty some pounds of tear down in .223, 9mm, .45 and .38special. Primo!! Very few scrapers and not as many miss primed as is expected. Already reloaded 200 9s and 38 at the cost of primers. The .223 contained about 100 soft points!! Great people to deal with+++
.38 Special Dec 16, 2018
I ordered 200 8MM Mauser berdan primed brass, I received well over 200 cases but about 40 were cases I couldn't use. The reason is they were different calibers, but in good shape and useable. I still received enough 8MM brass to do what I need to do. I am still very happy with this purchase. I would buy again, and the service is excellent. Diamond K gets 5 stars.
Lou B Dec 14, 2018
I started with a small test order. Great communication of the status of my order, super fast shipping, and the quality brass, placed a 2nd order and will be placing a 3rd. Great prices and fast shipping, Diamond K Brass is my brass connection.
Dave Dec 7, 2018
Just picked up a Mauser that was rebarreled in .243 Win and ordered a 100 pieces of the once shot brass for it. The brass looks great, no problems found with any of it and the price is great. This is the second time I've used Diamond K Brass and I will be back to order again.Quick service and a quality product.
Reloader 01 Nov 30, 2018
I've ordered 41 magnum brass I have also ordered 4440 brass all of it has been clean very satisfied with my order will order from them again
John Stephenson Nov 7, 2018
I ordered 1000 .45 ACP LARGE pistol primer brass a while back and just got around to loading some of it today. I encountered a Blazer SMALL pistol primer shell which fortunately only jammed up my machine. That is the best thing out of many bad things that can happen when one tries to shove a large pistol primer into a small pocket.
I went through the rest of the 1000 cases and found 5 more SPP cases. Be sure and double check your cases if you order any cases that are available with small and large primer pockets. Side note: WHO THOUGHT THAT WAS A GOOD IDEA? Other than that issue, I am a happy customer.
Justin Lindsay Nov 4, 2018
Bye-bye teardowns all the time I'm thankful that they have them cuz when you think of the cost to reloading you get the bullet head you get the cartridge and the primer in most cases occasionally some are missing or damaged but when you think of the overall cost of the components you're saving money and most of the time they send extra brass or I should say teardowns and I usually get the 99% usable product so I'm very happy with what they send me and it's a reasonable price for shipping and they carry just about everything else you need except for gun powder and primers so it's a One Stop Shop all thank you for having these products William
William Starostka Sep 12, 2018
These guys are the greatest. I've made 2 purchases. Both were shipped within 2 days. The brass is excellent. All appeared to be once fired, and was clean. Both times, I received more than I paid for "Ill be back"
Bill Scott Sep 7, 2018
I have done business with Diamond K for years, started in 2008 after the presidential election. Quality products fast shipping and very reasonable prices for the high quality. You can not go wrong. They even e-mailed me once t o want to know if I wanted to fill the of because of a special, and I said yes.
clifton crowson Aug 27, 2018
Ordered 1000 pcs of 45acp brass and am very pleased will do business with Diamond K again received my order 3 business days after it was placed and brass looks good.
Justin Todd Aug 22, 2018
Just got my grocery's delivered. 1000 223's,1000 45's,500 38's and the last 100 357 mag nickle. The brass was cleaned making any stress cracks real visible, and there were not many. The extra brass more than took care of the ones that were unusable. Very fast shipping, I was shocked. You definitely have a repeat customer here!!!! Keep up the great job.
Don Karcz Jr Aug 6, 2018
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