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Diamond K Brass LLC offers the widest selection and highest quality of once fired and reloadable brass and nickel casings for commercial and recreational reloading. We perform strict quality-control checks on all our reloading brass and nickel to ensure that it conforms to safety standards and tolerances, allowing you to purchase with confidence from us. Diamond K Brass LLC does not sell live ammunition; our once fired brass and nickel products are reloading components only.

  • What is once fired brass?

Typically obtained from military sources or shooting ranges, once fired brass and nickel products are the casings of shells and ammunition used once. Although many of the casings shipped out are in-fact truly fired only once, "once fired brass" is more of an industry term for a more broad definition of reloadable brass.  Truly the only way to know if a casing is once fired is if you took it out of a new box and fired it yourself, regardless of what a source claims.  With that said, we monitor with extreme care the quality of the brass that goes out to ensure our brass is in perfect reloading condition.  All of our brass is guaranteed and we do ship 2% over for the possibility that our customers may receive brass that is not reloadable.  Also worth mentioning, fired brass is not new brass.  If you are expecting a perfect casing to arrive in the mail, then we suggest you order new brass and not fired - for we do not guarantee all pieces will meet the definition of perfection.  

  • Commercial reloaders

At Diamond K Brass LLC, commercial reloaders can rely on our outstanding reputation for quality and our exceptionally low prices. We offer bulk discounts on our once fired brass and nickel to reduce overhead and maximize profits for your company. Diamond K Brass LLC offers a full line of once fired brass products; we can deliver as-is or tumble-clean, polish and recondition our reloading brass and nickel to meet your exacting requirements for quality. We go the extra mile to ensure your complete satisfaction.

  • Recreational reloaders

Diamond K Brass LLC also serves the recreational reloading community. Our products are ideal for home and personal defense and can be used for hunting and live fire on shooting ranges. We offer a wide range of once fired brass and nickel products in a variety of calibers, allowing you to find the precise casings for your recreational reloading needs.

  • Finding your once fired and reloadable brass and nickel

Our category search bar on the left provides access to our comprehensive list of available reloading brass and nickel calibers. For customers looking for a specific caliber, our search function is located in the upper right corner and provides a more focused way to search our available products.

Customers can call 1-855-357-3030 from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. Monday through Friday to place orders over the phone or schedule a pick-up (Arizona Residents).  

Diamond K Brass LLC does not sell live ammunition.


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