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.45-70 GOVT Tear Downs

.45-70 GOVT Tear Downs

.45-70 GOVT Tear Down Ammunition

**The price of Tear Downs DOES NOT include shipping. Shipping costs determined after order is placed online or over the phone.  For an estimate on shipping, please call us at (480) 267-9455**

ALL Hard Cast Lead Projectiles. Majority of rounds in GREAT condition

Intended specifically for the purpose of pulling apart.

Some of the brass/projectiles may be unusable after pulling apart (extras always included).

These rounds are PERFECT for all the reloaders out there. Pull them apart to reuse the brass and the projectiles. The components are good (brass & projectiles) but the powder may vary, the primers might be seated sideways, upside, or not at all, and the rounds could have some minor dings or dents.

Customers purchasing this product must sign a liability document regarding this live ammunition.   

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