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7.62x39 MM 100+

7.62x39 MM 100+

7.62x39MM *Polished* BOXER Primed Range Brass, All Large Rifle Primer - 100 count.

Mixed Head-Stamps - Large Primer Pocket

Processing Option:  Casings can be resized, deprimed, and tumble polished.  Casings are not trimmed.

Our 7.62x39mm reloading brass is all yellow brass and comes in mixed commercial head­ stamps, with quantities beginning at 100+. They are ideal for both commercial reloaders and those who use reloadable brass casings for recreational purposes.

All our brass is guaranteed, and Diamond K Brass prices make it a good idea to buy in bulk and save. Plus, we routinely ship 2% more than the ordered amount of brass so your satisfaction is assured.

Our once fired 7.62x39 MM brass is available with a variety of processing options: primed or deprimed, sized and polished. Some have complimentary tumble polishing available. If you're a commercial reloader and would like to make a bulk purchase, just call us directly at 1-855-357- 3030.

While you're shopping for 7.62x39mm reloadable brass, be sure to check our many other calibers of reloadable brass and stock up! We carry all the reloading components and accessories you need. Diamond K Brass is known for offering a quick turnaround time on order processing, and shipping time is usually about 2-3 days, so you can buy with confidence.

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